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The Grayson County Court forms part of the 254 counties in Texas that has a constitutional county court presided over by a county judge. Grayson County has a justice of the peace court followed by municipal courts in each incorporated city. Fourteen Courts of appeals are located in Texas and each covers a geographic district this includes Grayson County. The Supreme Court hold the highest state appellate court for civil matters, including juvenile delinquency, which the law considers to be a civil matter and not criminal.

The civil and criminal district courts have original jurisdiction in felony criminal matters, juvenile matters, civil actions over $200, divorces, title actions, and contested probate matters. As courts of original jurisdiction, the district-level courts are where trials are held. The Municipal courts have jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanors with fines of less of than $500 and municipal ordinance violations. Justice of the peace courts have jurisdiction over all civil actions involving claims less than $5000, small claims, preliminary hearings, and criminal misdemeanors with fines of less than $500.

In a criminal case, the trial court, either a judge hearing the facts alone or a jury determines whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty of the crime alleged. In criminal cases, the government in effect sues as the prosecutor and is the plaintiff's equivalent in civil suits. A significant number of civil and criminal cases in Texas originate in the district-level courts.

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