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Grayson County Clerk is responsible for issuing and maintaining liquor licenses, marriage licenses, Death Certificates, birth certificates, military discharge records
probate records, and civil suit records. The Clerk office maintains County Court at Law #1 and #2 records on misdemeanors committed in Grayson County. Misdemeanor records can be obtained by an individual or company accompanied by a fee. Criminal history searches can be done by mail. The District Clerk's office must be contacted for Felony Records. The Clerk also maintains official Public Records which include deeds, land patent records, mortgages, judgments and tax liens.

Birth and Death Records can be obtained by the person on the record, parent, step- parent, child, brother, sister, spouse, grandparent, legal guardian or managing conservator, legal representative, person serving under contract for the registrant. Birth records are closed to the public until the 75th anniversary of the date the record is filed. Death records are closed to the public until the 25th anniversary of the date the record is filed. Availability for Birth and Death certificates begin from 1909 to present.

The County Clerk's office maintains records on civil suits filed for amounts less than $100,000.00 in Grayson County Courts at Law. They also maintain records on cases that are appealed from the Justice of the Peace Courts. The District Clerk handles civil filings in amounts greater than $100,000.00, family matters including divorce, condemnation and juvenile cases. Marriage Licenses must be purchased at least 72 hours prior to but no more than one month before the date of the ceremony.

Contact information:

Grayson County Justice Center
200 S. Crockett, Ste. 120A
Sherman, TX. 75090
Phone: (909) 813- 4352
Fax: (909) 870- 0609


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